Commercial Electric

Save Money, Improve Safety

Modern electrical systems installed and maintained by an experienced master electrician improve safety and save money.

Commercial LED lighting can save 65-80% over traditional business lighting systems. LED systems can:

  • Provide better lighting.
  • Reduce electrical costs dramatically.
  • Last longer and need less maintenance.

Like LED lighting, smart electrical systems can also pay for themselves over time and contribute to energy savings. Smart switches and smart power strips can detect when equipment is not in use and turn off idle systems. Many smart power systems can be controlled by phone and report on which devices are contributing to “vampire loads” when not in use.

Lower loads not only save money, they significantly reduce system wear, overheating, and the potential for electrical fires.


Keeping Electrical Equipment Online

At Amp Pro Electric, we know that sometimes your concern is simply keeping the systems you have running. Whether you have chillers and commercial refrigerators, billboards and outdoor signage, network and phone systems, HVAC and electrical panel problems, we’re here to help.

Amp Pro Electric works with professional offices, small & large retail operations, property management companies, duplex owners, industrial facilities, and more throughout the Pittsburgh region. Our mission is to help you keep your electrical systems running, safe, and trouble-free.

When you work with Amp Pro Electric, we’re there when you need us with reliable and affordable solutions. You get the best when you call us at 412-816-1616.

Commercial Electrical Services

For our business customers, we offer free estimates and priority repairs. Without equipment online and running properly, your business is losing money and reputation. You need a commercial electrician that understands your needs and provides high quality repairs, installation, and troubleshooting.

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