Secure 24/7 Power

Did you know the most common reason for a power outage is extreme weather? That’s exactly the time you want secure and reliable electricity. You don’t want to lose heat in the winter or your lights during a severe storm. You want your family to be safe and feel secure.

A modern, whole house generator can take on the power load of your home automatically. No fussing to find, add fuel, and start an old portable generator. Today’s smart systems know the power is failing before you do and can bring all your home systems back online in under a minute. When paired with backup batteries, the cutover can be instantaneous.

Powered by propane or natural gas, whole house generators are clean burning, reliable, and assure that when a weak link on the grid fails, your home doesn’t miss a beat. No more candles, flashlights, and sitting in the dark.

When you work with Amp Pro Electric, we evaluate your power needs and recommend the right-sized generator for your needs and the needs of your family.  You get the best when you call us at 412-816-1616.


Benefits of Installing a Generator

A backup generator is an insurance policy. Do you rely on medical equipment? Work a home? Is your location plagued by frequent blackouts? You can rely on the right generator to protect your home from a major power failure for days.

With minimal cost to operate, a backup generator can keep your most important appliances and devices operating, including your refrigerator, freezer, furnace, and computers. You get the best when you call us at 412-816-1616.

Key Considerations in Buying a Generator

There are three main considerations in buying a whole house generator, and at Amp Pro Electric, we help you make the right choice for each factor.

    • How much power do you require and for how long? Each home and family has different needs. We help you right-size the generator for you
    • How will you fuel your generator? Natural gas and propane are the two main choices for whole house generators. You want a clean-burning generator that can respond automatically; not one that has you searching in the dark to add fuel.
    • Price. You get what you pay for, but you don’t want to under buy or over buy. We help you make the right decision for your needs and your budget.

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