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Homeowners know, it’s often difficult to find an electrician when you need one. At Amp Pro Electric, we’ve been serving your neighbors throughout Allegheny and Westmoreland County since 2016.

We’re here to help you solve your electrical problems, repairing and troubleshooting the electrical issues that happen every day.

  • Switch and outlet repairs
  • New outlets and smart outlets
  • Electrical repair and troubleshooting
  • Wiring for remodeling projects
  • Rewiring outdated systems

Do you need an upgrade to your electrical panel? Have the exterior electrical connections to your home been damaged by bad weather? Do you need new lighting in a basement, attic, or bedroom? Does your garage need improved lighting for car repair or a hobby area? Are you creating a new entertainment room that needs more outlets, power, and cabling?

At Amp Pro Electric, we help make your home brighter, more comfortable, and enjoyable for you and your family.


New LED Lighting Installation

One of the most popular services we’re called on to deliver is upgrading home lighting to the new LED systems, especially as part of an upgrade for kitchens and baths. Today’s LEDs provide bright, beautiful lighting, last longer than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights, and save enormously on energy costs— from 60-80%.

LEDs are durable, compact, and start at full brightness immediately upon being switched on. They are environmentally friendly and safer for your family. Since they can do the job while drawing very little power, the chances of overloads and overheating are drastically reduced.

When you work with Amp Pro Electric, we can help you choose the right lighting systems for your home needs, both indoors and out. You get the best when you call us at 412-816-1616.

Complete Electrical Rewiring

Many older homes in the Pittsburgh region were constructed before the 1950s and have what is called knob and tube wiring, with push button switches and outlets without grounds. Has your insurance company told you they will no longer insure homes with knob and tube wiring?

Whether your home has outdated wiring, is being remodeled, undergoing an addition, or needs an electrical upgrade for your growing family, Amp Pro Electric is here to help.

At Amp Pro Electric, we can replace your outdated wiring system and bring your home up-to-code, and —more importantly— up to modern safety standards.

Call us at 412-816-1616 or visit our Contact Us page today.

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