Rewire for Safety, Rewire for Convenience

Are you experiencing frequent brownouts?  Do your lights flicker?  Does your power cut out or do lights dim when you turn on an appliance?  If so, your home or office may need rewiring.

Like any feature of a building, wiring ages over time.  Even more importantly, wiring that was perfectly fine for the energy demands of an earlier day and age may be stressed by today’s electricity-heavy lifestyle needs.

Consider having your wiring system checked if you experience one or more of the following issues:

  • Outlets or switches feel warm to the touch
  • Circuit breakers frequently trip
  • A high-pitched or ringing tone from switches or outlets
  • Lights flicker or power “browns out” frequently
  • Your home or office has exposed wiring lines
  • Grounding circuits are absent or inadequate

Contact Amp Pro Electric or phone us at 724-816-1616 to set up an inspection of your home or office’s wiring system.

The good news is that an inspection may show that your entire structure may not need rewiring.  Another great thing about rewiring is that the process can bring your structure up to the demands of twenty-first century technology.  These days, wiring carries a lot more than just electricity.  Data cables assist your electronic devices including wi-fi, fire, and security systems.


Rewiring Older Homes

Older homes need special care, and at Amp Pro Electric we’re ready to consult with you as to how to best rewire your home or office with the least possible impact to your structure.

Contact Amp Pro Electric or phone us at 724-816-1616. Let the friendly, professional electricians at Amp Pro inspect your wiring and advise you as to the best way to keep your home both safe and energy efficient.

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