Let Amp Pro Illuminate Your Living and Workspace

Tired of dim interiors?  Dreaming of a warmly lit environments for work and play?  Amp Pro Electric can advise you how to refit your old space to make it bright or help you design a lighting plan that will show off your new construction or remodeling at its absolute best!

We pride ourselves on providing affordable work that doesn’t skimp on design.  Consider us for:

  • Lighting upgrades both indoor and outside
  • New design and installation
  • Fixture repair and replacement
  • General maintenance to keep your environment sparkling like new

Warm and Inviting Interior Light, even in the Worst of Winter

A well-lit interior can elevate the mood, enhancing productivity and creating a perfect space for family interaction.  However, it takes more than lots of watts to create this ideal space.  Let Amp Pro Electric show you how to create the illusion of summer even in winter gloom.

Even better, newly updated, energy efficient fixtures and wiring will likely save you money over time.  Talk to us about how we can:

  • Repair or replace old, faulty, or flickering fixtures
  • Install, repair, or replace older wiring
  • Install new LED, incandescent, fluorescent, or recessed lighting
  • Install Ground-Fault Circuit Protection for outdoor lighting features

Outdoor Lighting for a Safer, More Attractive Home

Outdoor lighting has come a long way from the days of a single, boring light by the front door. Modern outdoor lighting does extra duty as a design element, that provides both safety and security.

Talk to Amp Pro Electric about how you can get the most out of your outdoor lighting options. We handle a wide variety of installations, both new and retrofitted.

Contact Amp Pro Electric or phone us at 724-816-1616. Let’s talk about making your home or office shine!

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