Electric Car Chargers

Charge from Home

The number of electric car models continues to grow every year. While some look to electric vehicles as a green solution, what’s driving the revolution is the simple fact that electric cars are fun to drive. Quick acceleration, super performance, great handling, and peak torque from a standstill are the hallmarks of electric automobiles.

Of course, you’ll need a reliable way to “refuel” your electric vehicle.

If you’re considering a new electric car, getting the right charging system is critical in making sure you can juice up when you need to.  Level 2 charging systems are 30-amp or 40-amp units, which will add most of your range when installed at home. Depending on where you live, you may also need to upgrade your utility service’s infrastructure to a 240-volt system.

When you work with Amp Pro Electric, we evaluate your car charging needs and recommend the best charging solution for your needs and the needs of your family.  You get the best when you call us at 412-816-1616.


Car Charging Stations for Your Business

Get ready for more electric vehicles on the road and at your business. EV charging stations will allow you to offer a convenient amenity to both your employees and customers that other businesses in the area might not have.

A well-installed electric vehicle charging station is a must for your home, office, or parking lot. Our team of licensed electricians are experienced in installing all EV chargers. If you have chargers in need of installation, or if you’d like an existing charger moved and reinstalled, we can handle everything quickly and up to code. Don’t take a chance. For the safest results, call in our professionals.

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