Electric Service Upgrades

New Panel Installation

Do you have an electrical panel, but the circuit breakers are constantly tripping?  Do you find yourself avoiding using more than one appliance at a time to avoid over-burdening your system?  Are you hot in the summer, cold in the winter, because you can’t run both your furnace and your dishwasher at the same time?

You need an electrical upgrade. Additional indications that you may need a new electrical panel include:

  • Flickering lights, especially when appliances are turned on.
  • Noisy outlets which make humming, clicking, and buzzing sounds.
  • Extension cords everywhere. Overuse of extension cords is a big sign that your home is insufficiently wired.
  • Panel tripping. If the circuit breakers in your electrical panel keep cutting off every time you use the toaster, your home needs “more power.”
  • Burning smells and discolored outlets. If wires and outlets are getting hot enough to produce an electrical burning smell, it is a dangerous situation.
  • Blown Fuses or Tripping Circuit Breakers

Many older homes in Western Pennsylvania were built before the 1950s and may even still have knob and tube wiring, as well as old-fashioned fuse boxes. These systems were never meant to handle the load of modern appliances, HVAC systems, and all the computers and electronics that are typical today.

Contact Amp Pro Electric, or phone us at 724-816-1616 to set up an inspection of your home or office’s electrical system.  Learn if a new electrical panel is the solution you need.  While we’re there, consider having us inspect your wiring and surge protection systems as well.


Benefits of an Electrical Service Upgrade

Upgrading your electric service has many benefits. If you panel is 25 years old or older, or your home has an old-fashioned fuse box, it may be time to consider an electrical service upgrade.

As part of a new electrical system install, you may wish to consider a lighting upgrade using the latest in LED lighting, which can last longer and save significant energy costs.

When you work with Amp Pro Electric, our goal is to help make your life more convenient, comfortable, and secure. You get the best when you call us at 412-816-1616.

Commercial Electrical Upgrade

Does your business or facility need an electrical upgrade? When there isn’t enough power for everything, lights flicker, equipment fails or shuts off prematurely, and safety is in question. Even small workshops require at least 200 amps, and you may need an electrical panel that can handle 400 amps or more.

At Amp Pro Electric, we help you design the electrical services your business needs to handle the requirements of today and the growth you expect in the years ahead. Our expert electricians handle both power lines and network and phone system cabling.

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